Inline With Jesus

My oldest son has come to the conclusion that myself and a few of my friends are psychotic. I admit that I am getting more comfortable with him thinking we have a serious mental illness of some sort.

My friend is an inline skater. That is her happy place. She gets up at the butt crack of dawn and skates 10 miles. She uses the time as one-on-one time with Jesus. She prays, she can focus, she is at complete peace in the middle of spiritual warfare.

This is where it starts getting wonky…

She found a great deal on a pair of inline skates for me and has been trying to convince me for the last year that it could be my happy place too during the hockey off season. I should not have to remind you that I am NOT a morning person, I am not an athletic person, I am not a physically motivated person.

On my first outing, I did four laps…and had to stop to puke after lap two. Besides learning what my lungs actually taste like; I was reminded by my screaming body how much it had been through the previous two and a half years and it was not having any of this energy expending stuff.

The next day she asked if I wanted to go for an evening skate. I committed to one lap (approximately 0.86 miles). I did another four laps.

A week and a half later I half heartedly agreed to join her on a ten mile skate. I always pushed myself physically when I was sick; as much as I wanted to give myself the excuse that I could ease in to this activity…well, we finished the ten miles in 1 hour and 50 minutes. She usually accomplishes this skate in under an hour. For her to be so intentional with skating at my pace was such a blessing.

The next thing I know I am making goals and already I am skating six laps (5.46 miles) three to five days a week. On the last two Sunday’s I even am at the trail before 6:00am because it works better for everybody’s schedules to be done early. The first early Sunday we invited people, there were FIVE women out there with us. FIVE OF US. I told her that was more of that God Math we often talk about.

Right now I am working on getting my six lap time down to 35 minutes. I have my five mile time at 35:01…but that last 0.46 miles I just have not yet been able to break it yet. My fastest time is 36:40. When I get it down to 35 minutes I will add another lap (bringing the distance to 6.33 miles).

Today I was slow…39:09. When I was disappointed she laughed at me. I have been skating for six weeks. She says I am doing okay…no longer do I collapse in the grass at the end of the five miles. That is a big deal.

In just six weeks I have progressed from her showing up at my house to wake me up and take me with her to sometimes I even beat her to the trail in the morning. From puking and drinking two bottles of water just to survive, to even forgetting my water bottle some times. From needing to eat breakfast before going or I would puke for sure, to eating when I get home.

Change…growth. All of it.

I have committed to doing an inline marathon next year…and will likely do more than one…I am definitely hooked.

On social media we use the hashtag #InlineWithJesus as we use the time to discuss everything from relationships, children, goals, prayer needs, and everything in between. We focus on biblical truths as we deal with the rough patches in our lives as well as the innumerable blessings.

I do not know if I have told her this yet (consider this being told as I know YOU are reading this)…we are going to get t-shirts with #InlineWithJesus for when we do my first marathon! We can sell them as a fundraiser!! We can even add #DoneDying or #DoneDating as an option!


Your grace and mercy are overwhelming. This new season of life has been so exhilarating and absolutely FUN! Even the hard days have light…Your light. 
I am so excited to be writing this new chapter. Thank You for my story not being finished yet. As that reality hits me every once in a while I am humbled and brought to tears again.
May our road rash heal quickly and our prayers be loud. 




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