This past weekend I attended a Single Mom’s Retreat through an organization called Bridging the Gap. My girlfriend Katie knew of the conference/retreat and insisted a few months ago that I go. I tried to back out of it; it was my weekend to have the boys, the cost of the ticket ($69) plus gas there and back was out of my budget…anything I could think of. Of course, she was hearing none of it and took care of the cost because she believed I needed to be there.

I am working on writing about all that happened throughout the weekend and words are jumbled and have escaped me somewhat. This morning she texted saying she wanted to post on Facebook but had no words and kept checking if I had posted anything as I tend to be better than her with words. I told her I had refrained from posting after we got home last night because there were no words. She replied that sometimes God is just too big for words. #NailedIt

The ongoing ‘joke’ throughout the weekend, and even before we arrived, was that not only will I be back next year; I will be one of their speakers.

I have already contacted them to request a guest blogger opportunity. Right now, I am praying for that. I have hope, I have a calling…and I am listening intently.

As they request all submissions to be original, I will refrain from posting about my weekend here for the time being so that I can share the experience with their audience as well.


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