Hump Day.

Im still not feeling this week at all. Monday is always difficult; usually by the end of the day life is back on track.

This week is different. Yesterday I still had to talk myself into going to work. Today I would love nothing more than to call in sick. Luckily it is much too late to think of calling in, so I will go.

Tonight, my oldest has archery league and the youngest has a therapist appointment. I’m praying hard just to get through each day.

It should be easy, should be a cake walk. They are only gone for four days this week and then they are all mine for the next ten days. It is walleye fishing opener on Saturday, the youngest and I have been on the phone every evening this week counting down the days.

Fishing is our happy place from May – October…then we move on to hockey. Whether the boys are home or not I fish every other day but usually more often.

Today though, it is Wednesday and I have no idea what God’s plan is or how this is part of it.


You got me this far, I’m in Your very capable hands. Please be gentle.



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