I am once again babysitting in the mornings before work. This little munchkin is so much fun. Now that we have cats here, it is hilarious. He will find anything the boys have with a cord and pull it around for the cats to chase him. To hear him giggle is the most magical sound.

I am trying to write a piece about my security in knowing I am a child of God. The words are just not flowing on to the page as they should or as I would like them to.

Partially because the I try to write, the kitten (only 9 weeks old) sits on the corner of my lap top…she is a cuddle so is almost always in contact with a piece of somebody’s body. Right now she is leaned up against my hand as I try to type. each time I reach for a letter, she scoots over a bit more.

I am daydreaming about a time when I can fully immerse myself in public speaking. When I can stop ‘going to work’ if I choose to.

I’m dreaming about being the face of hope, a light in the darkness. I am just one candle yet with my flame I have the ability to light an infinite number of other candles.

How awesome is that…with the light of just one candle, you can literally light up the world. My candle lights 10 candles, who each light another 10 candles…and it goes on and on.

Now I’m just thinking about small little birthday cake-type candles. Imagine if they were huge pillar candles? How many could be lit with them? And really, a birthday candle can even light a pillar candle…a tiny candle can light the olympic torch.

I guess you just really never know who you are going to influence.

Be the light. Show your flame.


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