My Testimony

Last Wednesday for the Youth Group I shared my testimony. Well, part of my testimony. If I had shared it in its entirety it would have taken much longer than the 40 minutes I spoke for.

I had asked Mary if I could speak that day (thinking it was my one year cancer-free day) and she was delighted to have me. She said I needed to speak for about 20 minutes and it would be great if I could come up with some questions for the leaders to use in their small group sessions.

Well, as I tend to do…I put a few notes together literally on my way to the Youth Center. I think I looked at them twice. I prefer to just speak, it is more authentic and flows better than a prepared speech. Unfortunately, it is not great for time management.

The video is posted on the Faith Through Turmoil Facebook page and is in two parts. Josiah’s phone either died or filled the memory so he had Spencer record the second part. My 20 minutes turned into 40…oops. #sorrynotsorry Some stories just need to be told. The students (grades six through 12) were listening intently. A few sixth graders were a bit chatty in that they were trying to interact with me…in any other situation this would be fine, as I am trying to share made it a little difficult and you can hear me at one point say, “Gentlemen…Stop.” Which they did.

I am trying to figure out how to merge the two videos. I have sent a request to a friend of mine, hoping he can help. I am guessing it is a common skill for some people; I am not one of them.

Sharing my testimony helped me to encourage the students I work with to see me as a mentor, not just the Lunch Lady. I told them that I work my job for them, I serve them with a smile and try my best to remember names because I want them to know they are important to me.

I explained that I pray for their families to be whole…whatever their family looks like. Whether they are living with both parents, single parents, foster parents, grandparents, parents who are getting divorced…I want their home life to be whole for them.

While I may seem like  have it all together in their eyes, I was sure to point out that following God is not always easy and sometimes it down right sucks. There are days where I feel like I cannot go another minute following the rules…and often I fail. I likened it to hockey practice…you do not all of a sudden get good and never have to practice again. You keep practicing, and keep practicing, and keep practicing. Until you die you are always practicing. Faithfulness is no difference. Eventually you are going to miss a pass, wiff a puck, trip on the blue line. You just get back up and keep going.


Thank you for using me to reach these kids wherever they are in life. Continue to give me the story, the words, the compassion for them. In the darkest corners of their being, bring them light.

Surround my kids with your love, grace, and comfort today. I am missing them terribly today.



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