The Beginning of the End

Without internet access at home, it is impossible for me to write as I am inspired. I have tried to even write in a word processing document on my computer and save it to post when I am near an internet source and it just isn’t the same. When I get to an internet source I then have the urge to edit what is written…and that is where the wheels fall off.

As it will be a long time before internet is again within our budget, I will be ending the blog. Not being able to blog, when I know it is right at my finger tips causes a level of stress I cannot add to my life at this time.

Satan is everywhere, around every corner, waiting to attack everything I attempt. My only course, at this time, is to remove the access he may have. Feeling depressed because I cannot blog, is a huge open door for his evil works.

I have looked at ways of increasing my income for this deficit and for the immediate future, I have two debts that need to be paid off before internet is part of the budget.

  • $400 to the court ordered mediator used to try and effectively co-parent with my son’s father.
  • $450 to friends who helped pay the damage deposit for our current home.

I am earning extra money any way I can right now to build our emergency fund. I am scouting out job prospects for the summer (although ideally I would like to not work this summer as I have at least one surgery and most likely two).

Owing people money drives me batty…I hate being in debt. It was a huge issue in my marriage and I vowed to not go into debt again.

So far now I bid farewell.

Be kind to each other, take care of each other, and continue to pray for each other.



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