Praying Tonight

Dear God,

I know you’ve got this and I’m sorry for worrying. I hear you tell me to trust you, to relax, to breath. I try, I honestly do.

I know You aren’t one for making deals or taking bribes so I won’t insult You. I would ask that you continue to show me how to bring my children to You through whatever comes our way.

I am not afraid of dying.

I am selfish and don’t want to miss out on what is here on earth.

Ya, I know I’m likely not dying, not today anyway as my friends say! LOL

I don’t know if the worry and fear is a part of my puzzle…I am learning to open up to those around me, to let them into my fear. I am so thankful for the Facebook Memes, random texts, juvenile jokes, and every other distraction You have provided though those people.

Yesterday Barb and I talked about when people say I can’t do that. I try not to say that because it’s not for me to do and I know it. You CAN do it though God. You can get me through this. You can (and have) provided me with a group of people who genuinely care for my kiddos.

Oh Lord…how would I even begin to tell the boys?

I know I don’t have to do this alone, and I am doing everything I can to bring it all to You.

I think my friends are scared as well…and I hate that for them. I think this is part of why I kept everybody out the first time. Now, I understand that their love is what is going to get me through every one of these ‘scares’ and false starts.

Help them be real no matter how tomorrow turns out. Don’t make my friends ever think this is something God can’t use.

Thank you for the texting conversations that just made all of this ok for me and for those who are praying for us all.

You are always great, and we all know it!



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