Back to Life

Today was back to work for me. We were supposed to go back yesterday and had a storm day due to inclement weather. I did not mind, I needed a day to mope and rest up.

After work I went to the clinic to see what they could tell me. I asked for blood work and asked about the pain. The doctor is investigating rheumatoid arthritis. I am pretty confident I do not have that.

So far, of the blood work that I have seen the results of, my ALP is slightly elevated (and has been for some time) so I consider it stable. My AST and ALT are slightly higher than their previous counts, but within normal limits. These numbers are more a sign of fatty liver disease than liver metastasis. If the numbers were three times the upper number of the normal limit, then we would worry a bit…or investigate further.

The doctor thinks my elbow pain is a tennis elbow/overuse injury. I am not seeing it…I do not do anything that is repetitive in a manner that would cause injury. I am confident it is not cancer as my calcium levels are within normal limits (can be indicative of metastasis to the bones when it is elevated).

If you were to look at just my blood, I am as healthy as they come. That was the joke in the ER on more than one occasion when I would go there with a fever (having a port in place means any fever over 100.4 needs to be assessed immediately and of course I never developed a fever during regular clinic hours). The nurses would be reading my lab reports and we would be giggling that I was as healthy as a horse…I just happened to have stage III cancer.

Tonight the littlest has hockey practice at 7pm. The older boy has youth group at 6:45. While I want to skip practice, I know he enjoys having me there and he can count on me being there. I will be there in the stands, watching my baby. Then I will stop over at youth group to say hi to the young man.

I need to get back to getting this book written and blogging regularly. I find that when I am not actively promoting and discussing my faith, it is harder find when I need it most.

My babysitting baby came back today; although not so much a baby anymore as he is now walking! We had a great first morning together and many more to come! I love starting my day with him!

Dear Lord,

Thank you for the opportunity to share You with so many. It is my prayer that they find the same comfort in You as I do. To be confident knowing that it is all in Your hands and You already know how this all plays out is satisfying.

Learning to share that confidence has been quite the challenge and I am so glad to be growing.

Please continue to fill me with a peace only You can. Give me physical strength to be the mother my children need.



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