Ready to ride

This morning I woke up with what I thought was a great idea for a blog topic…and then I got out of bed, started a load of laundry, made a cup of tea, and sat down with the computer, and completely blanked.

So, I am still going to write, it just probably will not make much sense or have much meaning to anybody other than myself!


The boys and I are still in Canada enjoying our Christmas vacation. Yesterday my dad took us for a three and a half hour snowmobile ride. It was a perfect day at -14 Celsius. We took three snowmobiles so if the boys got a tired thumb or cold hands we could switch on and off drivers. My dad stayed on his sled and the boys and I rotated amongst our two sleds. After the youngest and I got stuck and  Grandpa had to turn around and rescue us, my baby decided that riding with Grandpa was safer.

As the older boy dumped his machine a few miles later…it was a good call. My baby boy panicked when we got stuck, he would have freaked out to watch his big brother take a tumble. Being on the lead sled, he only see the aftermath of a sled on its’ side and my son wiggling out from under it.

“Mom, that scared the shit out of me.” Says the little man on a big sled. I asked if he was hurt or just scared. When confirming he was not hurt, we all got to work righting the 4-stroke machine (Read: HEAVY) and away we went.

Around the dinner table last night there were the conversations of my youth…my parents and one brother with my two boys around the dinner table talking about the ride of the day, sharing laughs and stories. My dad even asked if one of them wanted to go with him on the groomer the next day to show him how they make trails.

My dad was so proud of the boys. It was their first ‘long’ ride and they both did great. I was very happy to hear him tell them that they did great and he would have no problem taking them again.

After supper, just before showers, the youngest came down stairs and said, “Mom, I think we should say thank you to Grandpa for taking us on that ride.” My boys and my dad have not always seen eye to eye. To see them showing appreciation for each other and expressing it with words was a huge step in the right direction.

I think it helps to that we are the only guests in the house at this time. My brother and his son left the day after Christmas. Usually when we are here, there are a ton of other families and /or children here and it gets a little busy for my dad.

Although usually a ton of time is usually spent playing video games, we have intentionally been spending time outside (even in the frigid cold some days) to make memories. Snowmobiling throughout the campground, building a fire in the middle of the snowy wilderness, a longer track yesterday mixed with history and science lessons.

I come home and feel so full of love. It gets more difficult to leave each time.


Thank you for these opportunities to expand my boys’ memories and passions. Help them use these memories when times are tough. Help them to remember how much they are loved and how people are here for them.



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