An Open Letter to God

Dear God,

I cannot thank you enough for the innumerable blessings you have showered upon me throughout my life. I am humbled by the depth of your love for me. I am grateful that every trial has been a lesson that I have needed or a warning that things are not as You know they should be for me.

Yesterday, you know I had a tough day and the enemy was loud…SOOOO LOUD. Katie tells me that obviously I am doing something right or the enemy would not bother to mess with me. She went on to add, “Today is a craptastic day. Honestly tomorrow might be too. All the rest of your days on this planet might be that way. But that isn’t where your hope has to stop. Because once we get where we are really going, it’s gonna be so flippin’ awesome, we won’t even remember what craptastic is. In the meantime, I’m sorry the journey there has to be so lame tho…”

Right there Lord…that’s an amazing friend. She knows my hope does not stop at a craptastic day, and she knows that every now and then I need to be reminded of that.

Today is another day. Becky said I could call in sick and hang out with her and Baby B today but financially we all know that is not an option and I can handle four hours of work…it will be a great distraction.

God, I know I don’t deserve all the grace and mercy you pour over me…I’m just glad you do.

I couldn’t do this without you and my heart breaks for those who are trying to.



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