How it all Started

The last thing I ever expected was to be sitting alone in a mammogram room, waiting for the technician to ask the radiologist if my images were clear enough so I could get changed; yet there I was. Cutesie little half gown/shirt thing…of course it’s pink. Who comes up with this stuff.

I text my girlfriend, “I feel like a lifetime movie, sitting here telling jokes and suddenly my life changes forever…” She responded with an LOL as we both knew how ridiculous it sounded. That really only happens in the movies.

Finally the technician returns and tells me I can get dressed, “Your doctor will be getting ahold of you and I’m not going to lie, it’s not good” as she led me back to the change room.

I know I had that look of everything is just fine; and then I closed the change room door and eyes suddenly felt twice their size, swollen with tears. What did she say? What wasn’t going to be good? Pull yourself together Debra, you are over-reacting, seriously. I look in the mirror and pull myself together as I don’t want to make a fool of myself walking out of the clinic.

Instead of telling me everything is going to be okay, the nurse sees my distress, places her hand on my back and tells me, “I’m so sorry.” I walk out with my head spinning.


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