An Open Letter to My Brain

Dear Brain,

Please shut up!! I’ve had it with your questioning tone, your lack of faith, your unending negativity. It gets old listening to you whine and worry all the time about things you have no control over.

God is in control, NOT YOU…get over it. The sooner you realize this, the sooner we can all go back to being at peace.

Here you are today, so focused on the fact that you did not have the money to buy the TV at Walmart last night (40″ TV for $129). GET OVER IT. First of all, you know we cannot afford it right and seriously, where would we even put it until we move? You want to ADD to the mess? No thanks, not me.

AND…it isn’t even our our Christmas list…if it’s not on the list, it isn’t getting bought.

Why can’t you focus on things like the fact that the kids are healthy? The rent is paid. There is plenty of food on our table and we have even been able to bless other families with food for their tables.

Is it really that hard to see how blessed we are? C’mon…REALLY…we just got over cancer. Considering I was out of work for a year and a half, we did pretty good. We are doing better than I would have expected.

We are moving in February to a larger home…focus on getting this place in one piece before you worry about filling up the next place. Worry about cleaning up this apartment so that when the time comes to move, it is simple and easy and quick.

Anyway dear Brain, maybe you need to find more time for God. It will close the door to the enemy. You are letting the enemy in by focusing on material things…please stop. You know we are not the materialistic type, why are you even bringing this stuff up? Are you bored?

Be thankful IN ALL circumstances. ALL OF THEM. You were able to be thankful through cancer diagnosis and treatments…when you didn’t have enough money to even think straight. NOW you choose to panic about finances? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

God has provided through all of this…what the heck makes you think He’d stop now? I am a walking, talking testimony to his love, grace, mercy, and hope. Do you really think He would abandon us now when we have the opportunity (and strength and energy) to shout it from the rooftops? Get over yourself.

So there you go Brain…calm yourself…it’s all good. God’s got this.




One thought on “An Open Letter to My Brain

  1. don’t be so hard on the brain , scientists have found a part of the brain that grows larger in the devoted ,its a fun book to read, the god part of the brain 😊


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