This is going to be an unedited brain-puke to check in, to say hi…to update.

My niece has been released from the hospital. She has much healing to do, and I pray daily for the resources to be available to her. She is expected to make a full medical recovery. Emotionally, she’s on a long journey and my goal is to support and love her along the way.

We are moving into a three bedroom in February. I am so grateful for God for slowing down the move by messing up the paperwork the first time. I have always believed His plan was better than mine and I can already see the awesomeness that is to come.

We move in February 1, 2017.

A three bedroom.

Two stories.

We will have an attached garage, a patio off the dining room, a play structure right outside the door. I have never had an attached garage. The last time I lived somewhere with a garage…I was living with my parents!!

And…it is HUD approved! Finally, our rent will be subsidized!

Bowling is in full swing for the older boy and his average is currently 100. He has a hook that I cannot even accomplish on Wii, never mind in real life.

Hockey owns my younger son…and he loves it. Our city started a Tier Two Junior A hockey team this year and the tickets are EXTREMELY reasonable so we’ve been attending games and he is loving that as well.

Work is going well for me. I just cannot get over how much I love my job and the hours I work.

Life is officially grand!

I now have a computer to use that should mean back to regular posts that examine my faith and try to explain how my faith stands strong through some unimaginable circumstances.

I am thankful for seven months of cancer free living. I am thankful for kids that keep me crazy and grounded. I cannot express adequately how much my family and friends mean to me every minute of everyday.

Dear God,

The opportunity to be a walking talking testimony to Your grace and mercy is a gift I am enjoying paying forward.

Continue to let me hear where You need me to serve others. Break my heart for what breaks yours…and help me to fill the gap.

Lord, as I get to know these students I work with, help me understand them, help me show them how important each of them is. Let me speak to their hearts as maturing children.

God, I also ask for pain relief.  As I am more active, the effects of chemo and radiation and surgeries are coming to light in a physical way that people just do not know. As you know, I’m listening to my doctors and it still hurts. Give wisdom to my doctors as we come up with a plan to keep me on my feet.

Thank you Lord for every opportunity I have to serve You and others. Help me be Your hands and feet…



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