On October 30, 2016 my niece decided she had had enough of life. She took many pills, had a shower and then went to bed.

Her mom was awakened by the sound of her falling out of bed at 4:30 am. When my niece was still moving around in her room a few minutes later, her mother got up to check on her in case she had been hurt when she fell.

Instead my friend walked in on her daughter having a seizure. Not knowing what happened, and in treating her seizures…they administered one of the medications she had over dosed on to begin with.

It has been over a week and she is still not medically stable.

The boys and I went to visit her in the hospital last week and she was still not very steady on her feet, requiring the assistance of at least one when ambulating. Although she was still slurring her words a bit, the swelling inside her mouth from the trauma of biting her tongue and cheeks during the seizures are a definite contributor to that.

Today, my niece is again unstable. Her temperature and pulse are both high and they are thinking she also has serotonin sickness…which could last up to 21 days.

Please pray for her…

This young woman will turn 14 in a few days. She was planning on killing herself on her birthday but had talked to a friend of hers that evening and was afraid that he would either talk her out of it or tell somebody who would stop it.

I cannot imagine what that young man is now living with, knowing what he knew…and he did not contact her mother or the authorities…what if she would have died? What would the consequences of her death be to him and his future.

These are just kids…

Dear God,

I know that You are the only savior of our children. Please Lord, help us to lead our children to lean on you in times of struggle. Help us to give them the foundation of love and grace that can only be found with you.

Surround this baby girl with a love that is not of this earth. Help those around her shine Your light into her life.

Give the adults and caregivers in her life the strength to be consistent during the rehabilitation phase and to follow through with the tough choices and hard work.

Please Lord, help her see that life is worth living. That she is so loved here on earth.

God…give me the tools I need…because I am feeling so very lost at how to help this child.

Please God, please get us through this…as the boys and I continue to lean on you and focus our energy on serving you through this storm. Our trust is in you.



Dear Kid,

I’m hoping you’ll be reading this many years down the road…and that you understand just how much I love you and how much I want to see you happy and healthy again.

Heaven can wait…we need you here.

I love you.

Auntie Awesome


3 thoughts on “Sad

  1. I also had a niece who attempted suicide. I remember trying to encourage her in the hospital. Tell your niece she is married to a handsome, blue-eyed man with a girl that looks just like her and a boy that is a miniature of her husband. She has found talents she didn’t know she had when she was a teenager. She makes clothes, gifts, decorations, throws fabulous theme parties, and sells her creations on Etsy. We learn more about ourselves each decade. I am doing creative things now that I never dreamed of in my teens. She hasn’t scratched the surface of her gifts. She is never alone! There is no depression deep enough to keep out God. Her family is always there and you have a community of bloggers that will pray along with you for her. Jeremiah 29:11.


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