I have not yet figured it out how professional bloggers get their job done. Yesterday was my one year anniversary here at WordPress and I have to say I am less than enthused by my progress thus far. At 93 posts in 356 days I do not feel adequate or successful.

I understand that my position and posts could be different if I actually had a computer at home. I also know that it is so very low on the budget priority list right now.

While I am eligible for assistance to pay the damage deposit on my new place, I would like to save up enough to pay for it myself.

Speaking of the new place…Cannot believe I have not yet shared this news with anybody. Nobody has heard this news.

When I went to sign the papers for my new three bedroom townhouse, the papers were for a two-bedroom, handicap-accessible, town home. It is all on one floor, only one bathroom, and does not have a bath tub.

There was a mix up in communication and although we had discussed a two bedroom, it was ultimately decided to get the three. The boys are getting bigger and I do not want to move again before they are finished school or I marry. The fact that it does not have a bathtub was also a deal breaker.

As the three bedroom homes have now been filled, we are back on the wait list.

Yep, that is how life goes sometimes. I am frustrated but not real upset. We will be able to spend a few more months saving up money, discarding and organizing, and learning how to manage our time and space.

I figure God’s plan is better than mine, so we will wait.

So back to budget priorities:

  • All bills caught up
  • Small emergency fund
  • Laptop
  • Enough money to pay for hockey at the beginning of the season next year

By small emergency fund, while I would like to see three months of expenses eventually, for now I will settle for $500. That way any minor emergencies can be covered without any stress (or very little stress).

I also know my vehicle is not going to last me forever and I would l guess it has a year or less before I am in need of a replacement. Thankfully I have friends who sell cars so should be able to get something reasonable…but I still need to have the money to give him!

I have a couple of bills that are still behind, I am working on paying them off. It just takes time.

As for a laptop, two friends are doing some digging/research/looking for an acceptable machine for me to use in the meantime.

Hockey…how cool would that be to just not have to worry about it next year, for the ex-husband to not be a factor on whether or not his season is in jeopardy? I know it would sure take a huge weight off my shoulders.

Working at the school has been a huge blessing to me. I am humbled by the students every day. The pay is fantastic for a job that requires me to breath in and out 12 – 15 times per minute…and no other real special skills. The kids…they make it worth every breath!

Babysitting starts my morning off right with a baby placed in my arms five days per week. I am not sure his mother, my good friend, had such a  great start this morning though. Usually she walks in and ever gently and lovingly says, “Debbie” and I am pretty sure this morning she was met with a, “WHAT ALREADY?” kind of snarl. I think I had been dreaming about the kids bothering me in my sleep…oops…LOL Poor Becky…

I noticed this evening after work that I am SUPER exhausted and after picking up the boys took a nap before the littlest one decided we needed to come to the library.

Now, it is almost 1900h and we have not had supper yet. Emergency fund or McDonald’s?? Hmm LOL

Dear God,

Even through the storm I will sing your praises.

You provide, you guide, lead. Thank you.




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