Working Girl

The job as a Lunch Lady is going so well. I had no idea working in the Middle School would be this much fun. The kids in the school are amazing. I have a goal to learn each student’s name by the end of the year. When I shared this with the principal, he commented that he doesn’t even try that. I told him I have no excuse as I see each student everyday, he may not have any interaction with a particular student.

The kids are starting to quiz me and give me a hard time when I forget…yep, I am exactly where I belong. To see them smile when they get to me or when I greet them by name is so fulfilling. God definitely put me where I belong.

This morning when I was driving the boys to school we were discussing budgets and moving and things we want to see and do over the next year or so. The youngest one said something about switching jobs and I said I love my job so much, to which the oldest added, “And I’m sure they love you there.”

My work day is four hours long. I take out the garbage four times, serve lunch, wash tables twice, and sell things from the snack bar. It really does not get much better than this.

One of my unofficial duties is to remind the students they must take a fruit or vegetable with their meal. Some days I have to tell about 150 kids to, “Take a fruit or vegetable please.” It adds no work to my day, I am already looking at them, I have already said hi. One woman I work with continually tells me, “You’re going to sound like a broken record, I don’t even bother, they don’t listen anyway.”

Are you kidding me? C’mon…these are good kids who are eager to please. In just my first few weeks I have students who point out that they do not have to be reminded that day…ya, they are listening. Yes, it is worth my breath. Yes, I care that much.

She also often guffaws at me trying to learn all of the kids’ names by the end of the school year. “I wouldn’t even bother with the eighth graders, they will be gone next year so they don’t even count.”

NO…UGHHH I struggle with wanting to explode some days. It likely does not help that I have other stresses right now in life outside of work, it just is difficult to listen to.

So, I tell her that these kids count the most and I am working on learning all of them first because this is the only opportunity I will get. I think it bothers me most that these comments are made in front of the kids…when they are in line waiting for their food.

I will continue to hound these kids and tell them how great they are, and send their parents shout-outs about how great their kids are. I will continue to greet nearly every one of them each day whenever I see them. I will continue to smile and say good morning, or afternoon, or ask how their weekend was.

I may just be a lunch lady, but I am THEIR lunch lady. For four hours a day, my job is working for them. I wash their tables like I would want somebody to wash tables for my own children. I serve them with the smile I know my children are served with at their school. I am light…


3 thoughts on “Working Girl

  1. Middle school is so hard! I’m glad you are learning their names. You are setting them up for success in high school. They are learning that they matter. I remember 2 teachers in middle school. I proved the first one wrong and the second one right. The first one said I would never do anything with music. I play three times a week. She was wrong! The second one said I could have straight A’s if I worked at it. I proved him right! You are more than a lunch lady. You are a godsend!

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  2. Congrats! It makes me so happy when people out there really love their job. When I went to middle school, I felt like the lunch staff were children-haters and it just made no sense to me hahah. I have so much respect for you, it’s hard to deal with middle school students at times!

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