My Thoughts for Today

I made it through my first night of presenting the devotion and a prayer. I found a few things I wanted to say or share and ended up sharing It’s Working with the group and shared how making prayer a consistent part of our lives has allowed us to see how wonderful cancer has been.

I always find myself telling people, “Cancer is not that bad.”

I am often met with people telling me how awful it is and how twisted I must be for being able to enjoy such a tragic diagnosis.

Well, I had a choice. I did not say it was easy but it was much better than it could have been.

What truly hurts is when people tell me, “Yes it is” and they have never had cancer. Well…I am sorry, if you did not deal with it. You do not get a vote.

I have always said that cancer was much harder on those who loved me than it was on me. I have a heart for the caregivers. I would hate to see a loved one as sick as I was. No thank you. I am not that strong.

Please do not tell me how terrible cancer is. I know. I was there. I also know it could have been much worse.

What scared me the most about cancer when I was diagnosed was everything I had seen and read. Yes, chemo sucked. Yes being dependent on everybody for even my simplest needs was no fun.

What I as not prepared for, was the absolute love of those around me. I was not prepared for those who were called to care so deeply for us at our darkest hour. Nobody talks about the good side of cancer.

And there truly is a good side.

There is always a good side…LOOK FOR IT.



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