New to Me

I have one hour until the meeting starts. I finally have the time to sit an write something. I want it to be powerful enough that the women look forward to what I have to share each month.

I have never written a devotional before and you know me…once I get on the internet to look something up I end up wandering and usually end up here. So here I am, writing about not having any clue what to write about.

No, the irony is not lost on me.

I started by looking up exactly how to write a devotional. That led to ideas about how we as women need to empower each other. We do not have to be in this on our own. We are not designed to do life on our own.

I am also fielding texts from my daughter who is struggling with her relationship and I want to fix it for her and again, I cannot. Nor should I. It is not my place to make sure her relationship works.

That is one of those Mom-times where the weight of every hurt your child will ever have hangs over you and you know with everything in your heart that you have to step back and let it hurt.

Maybe the ‘I won’t hug my children closer today’ post is something that would work for tonight. Nah, too deep for a first night/kick off.

HEY GOD…I’m listening…can you please speak through me. Quickly? Please?

HA…that’s it!!!

I got it!


You never let me down, when I call, You answer. These women are going to like this one. Bring to us closer to You as we take the next steps side by side.




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