Beginning tonight, I will be in charge of the monthly devotions at the MOPS/MomsNext group I attend. One of the ladies in charge had been not so subtly hinting that I should be doing it as it seems to come naturally in my blog and it would be more personable than just reading devotional content from a book.

Eventually, her hints got through and I actually volunteered. I gave in. I stepped out of my comfort zone.

So tonight, for the kick-off for year two of this group, I will be sharing a devotion and a prayer with the group. I have been praying for God to speak loudly as He knows I am not that great of a listener…and to guide me to speak to as many hearts as possible each night.

I’m not naive, I know I will not speak to every heart each night. Some nights I may only speak to one heart. I just pray that the hearts I reach are the ones who need it most.

My thought for tonight is that I will talk about new beginnings, for the new year.

While I would like to tell you that I am completely finished writing what I am going to say this evening, we all know that I have more than 15 minutes between now and when I take the mic…so it is not even close to finished. Yes, you are correct. It is not even started.

Writing this entry is as close as I am to writing it. I will work on learning to not procrastinate…starting tomorrow.

Dear Lord,

Fill my heart for the women who will join me tonight. Help me to remember that I was chosen for this task and that I am uniquely me for a reason. Encourage me to be myself in the face of strangers and friends.

Open the hearts of the women who will join us tonight to erase their preconceived ideas of each other. Help us to become loving towards each other as You command.

For the women who use this night as their only night away from family, bring them rest, restoration, laughter, and bonding like they have never experienced. Help them to see their own unique beauty.

Build friendships among the women in this group as we each grow closer to You.


P.S. If you could have the content of my 3 – 5 minutes into my head before 5:00, I’d greatly appreciate it.

I will not lie. I think my biggest fear is smoothing out my own edges so much that it is not me. I know I have rough edges and I also understand that those edges make me unique. Being unique is one of my better qualities. I do not want to become a version of myself. I want to stay me.

And for those of you joining us tonight…blame Katie S. it was her idea 😉


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