I received my results from my Mayo oncologist. My spine has no sign of metastasis and is only misaligned. I do not have cancer on my spine…


I am officially cleared and I think it is finally sinking in that I can get on with my life. I guess I have been for a bit; it is just finally starting to sink in. It is finally real.

I am finally over cancer.

While this changes nothing as far as my prognosis, I am deciding to remove cancer from my world unless and until it decides to go for round two. Until then, I am taking back my life.

I am working, I am a busy mom, I will be a hockey coach, a hockey mom, a bowling mom, and a Creation Station teaching assistant. I am back.


Dear God,

As promised, you provided for our needs through what could have been such a dark time in our lives. Not only did You surround me with the greatest army of believers, you surrounded my family and my army with their own armies.

Two years ago I thought I had it all together. Little did I know, I did not even know what I did not know.

I am aware enough now to know that I still know so little. My eyes have been opened and my heart has been filled with your grace and mercy and justice.

Thank you for the opportunity to love my kids as only I could, to guide them through these years as best I could. Thank you for blessing me with kids that are exactly every dream a mother could have.

Lord, as others learn of their diagnosis, help them see You in the workings of their doctors and support systems. Give them the strength to be vulnerable enough to seek You. Give them the understanding that all Your works are good, that you are loving, and wise.

Guide me as I move forward with great love and joy in the journey I am taking; loving every opportunity to praise your name.

OH MY GOD, you are amazing…thank you.


P.S. if you could give me a nudge on whether or not to get my port removed, I’d greatly appreciate that as well…




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