Oh My

I have had two days of work. Once I know what I am doing and get the routine figured out a bit better, I will be working 4.25 hours each student day. It is four very busy, quite physical hours.

After day one I was super exhausted. Thankfully I slept well and was looking forward to day two. Both days went great and it is fun to be part of a great team.

I am thankful my first week of work was only two days. I now have the weekend to hopefully rest up; although the boys are home so it is not likely to be much resting. On one hand I know that when you start any new activity it is going to take your body a little while to adjust. On the other hand, I hate to even admit my pain and exhaustion because people who mean well just do not understand that at this point in time, I have no choice. I must work.

By the second hour of work I can hardly bend over or squat down. Thankfully most of the duties are in a standing position. There are times though where I must take a knee on a bench to wash off a booth table…oh my word…the pain is nearly crippling. Between the shooting pain in my knee to the agony of bending my back it is a miracle I can even get up.

I do not want to be the charity case at work. I do not want to be that employee who cannot even do the job she was hired to do. I have seen those people come in to the work place, it never ends well.

The group of women I work with are all amazing. I am blessed to have had this position open as it did, when it did. It is a 10:00 – 2:15 work day. This gives me time to get the boys to school in the morning and to pick them up on time after school.

It also allows me to still help out friends of mine with overlapping shifts in the morning. I watch their son when mom goes to work until dad gets off from his job. Baby is seven months old and a complete gem.

Today at work there was a sheet to order t-shirts. The lunch ladies all wear the same shirts every day. At the end of each day they decide which one they are wearing the next day. When asked if I wanted an order shirt I just said it was not in the budget. When I looked at the sheet I had to laugh; well it wasn’t a laugh. The shirts were being sold as their annual cancer fundraiser Tackle Cancer. Damn. Of all the shirts I should be wearing.

I think that will be one of the difficult parts of my job. It seems as if the ladies buy all the various shirts sold as fundraisers by the various sports teams. At $15.00 per shirt, there is no way I can join that. The school provides three school t-shirts to wear, I will be wearing them.

The other women in the kitchen have all been there for 10+ years. This job opening up at exactly the time it did was definitely a God thing. The position had actually been filled by another lady who decided it was not her cup of tea and just quit.

I have been praying so long for a job to come open that would work with the boys’ schedule. You cannot tell me prayer does not work and that God is not in control. For this position with such a low turnover rate to open up the exact day I needed it to was definitely God timing.

I enjoy working at the school being around children. In my first two days several children who know me from church have greeted me excitedly then ran home to tell their parents I now work at their school. Quite humbling to be that important in a middle school child’s life!

Dear Lord

What an awesome blessing to be able to work within the school system and to be around students and staff who have a mission of being respectful and productive. The school system is second to none in terms of social and emotional growth.

Lord I pray that these kids can understand how special they each are in their own way. I know middle school is tough, give them strength and courage to face each day with a positive attitude.

Help me to shine as I work for You in everything I do. Shine through my duties, see me through the pain and exhaustion.

Give me the strength I need to get through these days and still have the energy to be the mom my boys deserve. Help us all through this, yet another transition in their lives. Give us this day…

Lord you have provided for us through so much this last two years. Continue to calm my weary heart as things change financially. I practice everyday to give you my worries. Eventually, I pray the worry ceases.

Lord guide the child support magistrate as he makes a decision that has the potential to significantly change things for the kids. Help him to make a fair and equitable decision.




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