Starting Over After Cancer

Today I am starting a new job. I was hired as a part time lunch lady at the local middle school. The hours are 10:00 – 2:00 so it works perfectly with having to get the boys to school 22 miles away!

God is good. All the time.

I have prayed much about how going back to work would look with the parenting time schedule as it is. He answered.

I will not be overdoing it physically and the potential is there for eventually working up to a full time position.

I am excited that this job will be part of my ministry. Middle School sucks. I am excited to be able to hopefully be a beacon for those kids who are lost or hurting; even if it is only in the lunch line. I remember the adults who made me feel like I mattered at that age. I want to be that person for these children.

Plus I am back to teaching Creation Station (our church’s children’s ministry). Last week was my first Sunday and it was great to be back with that group of kids!

Here is the note that was sent home with the students:

Creation Station was so much fun yesterday! With our new series,”Your Life the Movie” yesterday we discussed The Plot. How we can choose to be directors in our own life, just as directors on a movie set would tell the actors what to say and do based on the script, we are our own directors living a life based on our own script…The Bible.

Our very own Debbie explained how she continued to praise God when things were not going that great. She used pictures to talk about how life was looking pretty good and she was working, teaching Creation Station, and coaching hockey and then was diagnosed with cancer.

One picture she used showed her and her son in a hospital bed when she was in getting an IV. She explained how some people might choose to be sad and upset about being in the hospital. She told the children that her family looked forward to hospital visits because they could watch hockey and order food.

Another picture showed when she and her son’s were playing Laser Tag to celebrate the end of the first round of chemotherapy. She talked about although chemotherapy was no fun, it gave them something to celebrate. She also shared how hot it was and that she had removed the wig she was wearing and shocked the man working there.

Debbie talked about how she heard God whisper, “Trust me.” With everything going on in her life, she was confident that God was in control and that He would provide.

We shared the story of Job with a skit. In our skit, Satan told God that Job was only faithful because everything in his life was good and that if things went wrong, Job would quickly change his tune.

The skit played out showing the children how Job continued to praise God even when things were not going so well.

Ask the kids if they remember what we did with the worries in the big jar.
We had written things that might cause us to worry or be sad on colorful pieces of paper and put each of them into the jar. Then we prayed and gave the jar to God. We gave our worries to God.

Memory Verse for this series (John 3:16)

As we continue this series, we will continue to reinforce that we get to choose how our movie will play out. We can choose everyday to listen to our parents, our teachers, be nice to our friends and siblings, etc. We can decide to be thankful to God for the opportunities we are given to grow and change. Thank you again for bringing your child to Creation Station and allowing us to minister to them. We are so blessed to get this opportunity!

I am so lucky to be a part of such an amazing community of believers.

Dear God

I am again humbled by Your awesome presence in my life. I called, You answered…every time.

Thank you for the prayer time this morning with my child who is hurting so deeply right now. Help me speak your words of comfort and love to him. Help me reach both boys where they are in their struggles. Be ever present and show them Your great works.

Guide my words and actions as I return to the work force today. Help me be a light in the darkness for the people at my new job. Let me be your hands and feet.

Guide me as I work everyday to be closer to you.



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