Back to the Grind

I have decided that I am putting off the remainder of my surgeries (one or two procedures depending on a few decisions that need to be made). When I have made those decisions, I will give it a few months, to insure I am confident with my decision.

For some people it may be “just reconstruction” (yes, people say that). To me it is my new body. I’m very happy with my results thus far. Just the finishing touches I am not ready to make those decisions yet.

I am going back to work. As you know, I am a budget ninja. I have pinched every penny until it screamed for mercy over the last two years. That has granted the boys and I a multitude of lessons we may not have every learned without cancer.

I have been using the same budget and decided it was time to update it for my anticipated return to work.

What a slap in the face with a large, wet hand.

To pay for just our very basic necessities (rent, utilities, internet, phone, vehicle insurance, gas, and maintenance) leads to a deficit of nearly $300. This does not include food, clothing, sports, school needs, travel to Mayo, or any other expenses that come up.

How very blessed I have been for getting through this cancer battle and not having to work myself to death at the same time while trying to maintain not only my sanity, but being able to give my children the gift of having the best mom I could be through it all.

Getting back up to speed is not going to be easy, but the work to get there is going to be enjoyed every step of the way because it means I was able to fight my best fight when my body needed it the most. It means I am better, I am able, and I am the fighter I have always been.

None of that changes.

THANK YOU to every person who has prayed for our family, for every body who has been here for us through the days I did not have the heart to tell you that I was not sure I would make it.

Your prayers, your gifts, your assistance can only be repaid one way…paying it forward.

I am devoted to living a Christ – centered life and leading not only my children, but my grandchildren, my family, and all of those around us to God. I will lead by example.

BECAUSE OF YOU I have that opportunity.

Back to work coming soon!!

Dear God

Your people listened…they heard your call and they responded. Every minute of every day they cared for us. You provided for our every need.

I will now go forth with the love that has surrounded me, that has held me up, that has sustained me and I will spread it every place I go.

Guide me with your continuing strong hand and powerful army. I am forever thankful.




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