How Many Days

I’m not even sure where I am on my #30daysforGod.

I failed.


Tomorrow, is day one.

I can throw out a million excuses:

  • My first grandchild was born
  • A local teenager passed away
  • I had a trip to Mayo
  • The fish were biting
  • I didn’t want to
  • Money is tight
  • I couldn’t
  • Nobody cares about it anyway
  • I’m stressed out
  • The boys had baseball

All of these are mere excuses for me not living my life to the absolute fullest. None of them are worthy to give up my goal.

While I was laying in bed last night I prayed long and in-depth about the meaning of my 30 days and why I decided I needed it and what my expectations were.

I realized that those expectations and those needs do not deserve to be pushed down and forgotten about. They deserve their 30 days. I deserve them.

Starting tomorrow (Saturday) I will restart my 30 day journey. I will intentionally make choices that put God first in my life. As anything else, practice makes perfect and although a month is a long time when it comes to making goals, I need to do it. I need to make this change for myself, my children, my future, my community, my calling.

Thank you for following along. It is okay to start over. The whole point is to keep pushing, keep going. Each day it will get easier. Each day it will lighten the heaviness on my shoulders.

Dear God,

I’m in, all in. You know my needs and my desires. Cover me with your grace as I take the first step again. Bring along side me those who are faithful in their journey so I can learn from their example.

Help me to be diligent in prayer and service to Your people.

Ease my worry about the future as I know worrying today will not change tomorrow. Remind me to live in the moment. To experience the joy I once had.

Today Lord, I will just be held by your grace, mercy, and love as I care for myself and prepare to begin tomorrow.


Oh ya, God…if you’re still listening…I’m about to go fishing…you know…if you could…a nice pickerel would be a great way to end the day…just sayin’



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