I feel I must apologize for my silence this last week. I have been running a whirlwind of life beyond cancer since Wednesday last week when my daughter called from 60 miles away to tell me her water broke and wanted her Mommy.

My first granddaughter was born that night…she is perfect. Both Mom and baby are doing fantastic to say the least.

The next day I learned of a friend’s teenaged son who passed away. Two of his siblings have been in my oldest son’s class.

Although I was not close to the sibling who passed, it was these young men whom would unfailingly remind me that during their evening prayers that they prayed for my cancer to be completely healed…the night they lost their oldest brother, I had no words; only ice cream and a friendly face.

Today started with a baseball game for each of the boys 45 miles from our home followed by a trip to see my daughter and granddaughter and to drop off a few things they needed as well as drive her to run some errands while her boyfriend was at work.

I’m back home now and just finished a load of laundry and packing…I’m leaving for Rochester in the next hour or so (384 miles). I will stop and nap on my way there. When I leave late at night like this I find a rest area about half way and take a nap to continue my journey in the morning so I get to the Mayo clinic just in time for my first appointment at 0800h.

I have two appointments tomorrow and then will turn around and head back home. It is my hope that at that time I can fill in the details of my last few days of my #30daysforGod and how that has played out and continues to challenge me.


Continue to challenge me as I grow closer to You. The fight is in me and I will not give up on myself.

Bring peace to the community as we mourn separately and together for the loss of Kamron. Let us be the comfort we would wish for during a time of such unimaginable pain and confusion.

Let my boys be heard Lord. I know your heart broke as mine did last night as You listened to the bedtime conversation I had…let his little heart be heard…oh Lord my heart aches.

Thank You for KMR and all that You have planned for her. She’s gonna be a star…and she makes me smile. Thank you.

I give it all to You, continue to lead me where my trust is without borders…




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