Life of Mom

Yesterday was a whirlwind day. It started with baseball 25 miles away followed by lunch in the park here in town. After that we ran to the store to pick up a few things and a quick stop at home for me to write and drop off what we had purchased before heading to the hospital for me to get my monthly injection that keeps my ovaries non-functional and my port flushed. From there to Mary and Jim’s home to allow the kids time to play while Mary and I had a chit-chat. Then it was off to the park for a family appreciation day sponsored by our pediatrician and other healthcare providers. When the rain started we headed home and had Becky-Jo and her children over for hotdogs…

Whew, no wonder I was feeling overwhelmed last night. We left the house at 8:30am and except for that half hour in the middle of the afternoon, we were gone until 6:00pm.

The boys were great at keeping track of their chore – stick and good – deed – stick minutes; even though not all of them have been assigned an amount of time…Kevin negotiated as he went along today.

Negotiation…a skill every child needs to learn. The younger, the better.


We get home last night, we eat, our friends leave and then C asks, “If you pick the movie we watch, does it count as screen time?”

Hmmmm…do I want to listen to them argue for 30 minutes over a movie I probably don’t want to watch anyway…or do I give them the time and get to pick the movie I want to watch? Hmmmm I told him that if the movie was something I picked, it wouldn’t count.

When I went to have a bath I could hear him telling Kevin, “If we let Mom pick the movie it doesn’t count. So if we just tell her ones we want but let her pick it, we don’t use our time.”

Who is playing whom? As it turned out yesterday, screen time was not an issue as we were gone all day.

Today I started my day with breakfast and my Bible.

I needed to hear God’s word to start my day. I need to have the best start to my day as I give my everything to the boys. We are going on a date on Saturday to watch either Angry Birds or Finding Dory…it was the one splurge I agreed to with the money from the benefit which was held for us in May. I told them we would have a date day. They are looking forward to it. I’m thinking an afternoon movie followed by some fishing and maybe even spend the night in the tent somewhere close (not too far away because we have church Sunday morning…hmmm, maybe camp out Friday night, movie/fishing/stuff then home Saturday night…have to discuss it with the boys.

My ankle:

So here’s the scoop…I broke my ankle fishing. Some of people think I should be wrapped in bubble wrap, others claim a hook in the hand is more appropriate as a fishing injury, some still seem to think I did this on purpose.

Who is that angry with life that they would waste their time and breath to gossip about a woman who breaks her ankle? Yup, I did it on purpose…C’MON…think people.

My friends and family although they have some pity on me mask it well with their giggles and flat – out laughter at my demise. LOL

After the best three hours of fishing in recent memory, as I was leaving the dock we were fishing from, I stepped down and my fibula (the long skinny bone that ends at the ankle) broke. I heard it, I felt it. I always wondered what people meant when they said they heard or felt their bone break…not any more.

So my fishing partner, in complete horror goes to lift my pant leg up and I tell him DO NOT TOUCH. As I had heard it break, I did not want to risk him seeing an open fracture (one that goes through the skin). I sent him to put the rest of our gear in the vehicles and get his car. While he was gone I took at peek. Thankfully it was a closed fracture but wow…I was pretty sure my ankle wasn’t supposed to twist like that but it sure looked like it wanted to.

A 30 mile drive to the ER, a wonderful doctor, a few x-rays and some amazing pain medication later and we were out of there with a broken ankle, a temporary splint, a set of crutches, and orders to return in 4 – 6 days for a cast (after the swelling subsided).

The crutches are gone and I am in a stabilizer boot for three weeks or more (orthopedic surgeon opted for the boot as opposed to a cast). (Yay, me). Then it’s physical therapy for a few weeks to strengthen it before hockey season begins again!!

The day I broke my ankle, was the one year anniversary of my final hard chemo. On that day in 2015, I felt like death. I looked like death, but I was finished the hard drugs. 2016 brought the best afternoon in a long time, oh my gosh it was so much fun. I can only imagine the 2017 shenanigans!!

Have a great day everybody…boys are starting to wake up and we have baseball followed by a lunch in the park date followed by a visit to the TRF House of Prayer for a time of childrenĀ  – led prayer.

God, You’ve gotten me this far in one piece and I am grateful for every bump and bruise along the way. The stories for my grandkids will be endless.

Lord, the strength I need today can only come from your love and grace.




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