For every decision we make, there are consequences. Some are good, some bad, some have very little significance either way.

As I watch somebody I was once close to deal with the consequences of their decisions, I still struggle with making the right choices all the time.

Here I am tonight, however many days into #30daysforGod and I have yet to read my bible even one time today. I have opened the app I use probably six times today. I could not even pretend to tell you anything I saw while it was open.

Do I deserve a day to mope and pout and rage and process? Well, is that day going to remove me from my original plan? Yup…sure will. The choice is mine I guess.

I don’t want to read my bible, I I don’t want to focus on my devotions. I don’t want to continue.

Continue I must.

My commitment was not just for myself. I made the commitment to God. I promised. My word means everything to me. Without my word I have nothing.

I have to raise my children based on my word alone. If my word holds no weight, I have nothing.

…I got distracted but wanted to post this tonight anyway…

going to read though my devotional and pray…


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