Good Deed Sticks

Today the boys and I bought some craft sticks for a project I had seen posted on Facebook not long ago. On each stick a job will be written with a corresponding amount of screen time. For each completion they get that amount of screen time.

Each boy picked their own color of paint for their sticks plus a third color for what we have named Good Deed Sticks. These will be chores that either of them can do and will include things like make a pot of coffee, offer to take out our neighbour’s trash (she is in her late 80’s), and other good deeds that we can think of.

We have a fairly busy schedule with baseball and lunch dates (the local school district puts on free lunch at four or five locations in the city every day that is free for the kids).

I want the boys to have some accountability that is non-negotiable when it comes to screen time. As they are a part of setting up the system, they can make negotiations as we set it up and even once it is started, we can make tweaks until things work smoothly.

I am trying to decide on maximum amount of time they can earn in one day. Also, time does not roll over from one day to the next. I have made a list of the jobs I am considering, and the more complex or unpleaseant the job, the more minutes it will be worth.

Carson’s sticks are red, Kevin’s are blue, the good deed sticks are golden.

Wish me luck!!




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