Rest and Repent

Yesterday I spent the day with friends. It was a day off from the week of work I had accomplished. I wasn’t great at it everyday, but I tried every day and practice makes perfect.

It is difficult to start a new pattern. To replace an old habit with a new one, even though the new one is a no – brainer, is difficult.

This new pattern is what is going to work for me, for my children, for our future.

God called me to complete 30 days and I am committed to that. I added on the no contact because I believed it was what was needed as well. By the end of the first week I think I only managed one full day with no contact and it continues to decrease.

I am fully committed to putting Christ at the center of our home again. The no contact decision was put in place to allow me to focus, to make new habits.

I still feel bombarded with messages sent from the enemy. I cannot decide if I need to completely isolate or reach out further. A time of complete isolation is out of the question for this week as the boys are home.

Today, I will journal instead of blogging my repentance. It is the first step in moving forward. It is the first part of moving on.

Growth is not easy, it is rarely speedy. When it is directed by God and His path followed, the lessons are priceless, the rewards eternal.



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