I am not sure if a process such as this #30daysforGod actually has a cycle or stages such as grief or recovery. I do know that today I woke up feeling somewhat refreshed and renewed.

Was it the fact that I was out having dinner with two families that I absolutely adore? That probably had a lot to do with it. The fact that as a matter of general conversation we can discuss questions about our faith and what our daily devotions are doing for us with complete comfort is huge.

These two women make me feel love on different level. They get my humor and reciprocate it. Katie S. has a gentle love that she exudes in everything she does. Melora B…not so gentle, just as effective. LOL

We were talking last night about when Melora came to Mayo with me in February to see what was happening to my heart as it was showing signs of damage from chemo. We were walking through the world – renowned Mayo Clinic and I don’t even remember what was happening but I played the cancer card. You know the one, “Ya, but I have cancer…”

“STOP SAYING THAT, You do NOT have cancer, you are fine…stop using that excuse…” The only thing that would have made that funnier was if I had still been bald…the looks we got were funny to start with, can you imagine watching a lady talk like that to a bald person…obviously a cancer patient? LOL

Well, now I have a broken ankle…it’s a good story, remind me to share it.

So last night Katie and Melora’s husbands were bringing me a couch and I said, “I can’t help, I have a broken ankle…and cancer…” You can imagine Melora’s response. I think I just use that excuse when she is around so that they can see her reaction. It’s so worth it.

See, now it’s just funny. I don’t have cancer.  I am a warrior, a survivor, a winner.

And I have the best friends in the entire world.

God, thank you for waking me up with a renewed sense that I’m doing the right thing and that You are doing amazing work behind the scenes.

I am so excited for everybody who is watching this journey from where they are. May they realize that renewal is not only a wonderful thing, it is necessary. May they have the commitment to remove whatever is toxic in their lives so they can seek you and be closer to you.

I am so grateful for the friends that hold me accountable, that are cheering me on, that hold my hand as I walk, and lift me when I stumble. Being able to be vulnerable with these people who do nothing but love me is the greatest gift You have given me.

Thank You for the strength to be vulnerable day after day.

To You goes all the glory!




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