For the Best

There comes a time in nearly every situation when you hear God telling you to step back.

As God is SHOUTING in my head right now I am trying to stay busy. I’m actually cleaning my apartment as I am receiving a second hand sofa this afternoon.

God tells me to prepare myself, to not worry about others at this time. He will take care of them if they let Him.

A friend asked what I hear God telling me as my heart is breaking into a million crushed pieces. I’m hearing that if I want what is truly meant for me, this is exactly what I need to do and I need to stand fast. I need to trust. I need to survive, and it won’t be so bad when it’s all over.

Only five more hours until I can go to bed. I could go to bed now but that only serves to allow the enemy to move in and take over. I need to be productive.

I do trust God; so why is this so hard??

Why am I having this internal war about what to do? Why can’t it be easy. Why can’t my heart just say, “See…God said told you it’s going to be fine…take a deep breath; it’s going to be ok.”

I’m going for supper with friends, I’m getting a new couch, I’m going to be ok…eventually.

Thanks Becky – Jo for today. I’ll keep the texts coming…


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