Day Three

This is likely going to be the most difficult 30 days I’ve endured for some time. Well, I’m down to 28…but they are getting harder, not easier.

I made contact last night with one of the people I feel called to separate from for the 30 days. I sent a text out to my pastor this morning letting him know, telling him I hoped today was better…

How committed are you to what God wants for you?

Ouch…sugar free guidance at its’ finest.

Last night I was at a group meeting and I was upset that I had contacted this person and said that I had to not beat myself up because at least it was evening before I made contact…excuses, I have a ton of them. Everybody seemed to agree.

The spoiled princess inside me is throwing a MAJOR temper tantrum today. Like the spoiled girl on Willy Wonka, “I want it NOW.” Don’t laugh…that’s seriously what my inner child acts like! My outer one is not much better much of the time.

Yesterday each time I wanted to text people I need to separate from I texted friends. I spread it around so not one friend would be overwhelmed by my neediness. God is using this as a way for me to reaffirm those friendships. To connect when all I want to do is isolate.

Is this easy? Not even one second of it has been easy yet. I am though committed to listening to God for all 30 days. I might not always listen as well as I should…but I am listening. I am repenting. I am growing.

I must include that I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am able to see God’s hand clearly guiding me. I am comforted by His loving grace and mercy.

I am confident this is the right path. God’s plan will surely be an amazing and beautiful testimony.


As a loving father, I know your heart hurts to watch your children suffer. As I have watched my children, I also know that I cannot catch them each time they stumble or they will never learn to walk on their own.

I thank you for allowing these stumbles. I thank you for the opportunity to grow. I will glorify Your name.

Continue to make yourself heard in a way that is undeniably you.




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