30 Days for God

This next 30 days I am going to begin the journey to becoming the best me. I will be focussing on my first priority; my relationship with Christ.

Each day I will:

  1. Read a portion of my bible
  2. Journal (or Blog) my thoughts on the reading of the day
  3. Pray for the salvation of those I love who have not accepted Jesus as their Saviour.
  4. Pray for the believers I love whom are struggling with their faith walk and asking God to send encouragement to them in a way that they can see and understand.
  5. Pray for my future husband and that we hear God’s perfect word and follow Christ as a matter of priority over everything in our lives.

This is going to be the start.

These last few weeks I have been weak. I have not listened to God as faithfully as I have in the past and I know that for my life to be completely happy and satisfied I need to surround myself with like-minded believers that will encourage my growth and hold my hand as I move forward.

I am severely limiting my social circle for these next 30 days so that my focus will be on God, and not the distractions of this earthly world.

I’m going to take notes. I am going to intentionally pray for specific people for the next 30 days. I have three people I am focused heavily on as their lives and futures mean so very much to me. I want these three people to live a Christ-like life of happiness and fulfillment. They each have huge milestones coming into their lives in the next month and I can only cover them with prayers and hope they feel the Holy Spirit comforting them.

I am also going to pray for my spiritual mentors. They are in for one heck of a month. I’m definitely an all-in person (in case you have not noticed that yet). This means the growth will be swift, which almost always equals painful.

I can feel the enemy pulling back towards my sinful nature…he’s sneaky. This time, he’s using my loneliness (from cutting certain people out of the next month) as I tool to lure me back into his fold. That’s why I’m asking my prayer warriors to circle the wagons.

Earlier today when I had to complete a task, instead of texting the first person I wanted to text I texted a Christian friend whose faith encourages me everyday. I texted her that I was not strong and she texted back that she was praying for strength as I made the change.

With those prayers, and tears on my cheeks I made the change that was immediate and tangible.

This is among the hardest things I’ve ever done. While I was going through cancer treatments I just had to show up and follow orders. This time I have to actually do the real work, not just let it happen. I have to intentionally make the changes I am called to make, nobody can do them for me.

The tears have been on and off all day today and I don’t see them stopping any time soon. I am going to allow those cleansing tears to ready me for the battle I’m about to wage for my future.

When I am my best me, I believe God will bring my best partner to live out our days together. Imagine the testimony of spending 30 days just as a start for the person God knows will spend the rest of my days with me. I also know that I need to be the most confident in my faith so not to be tempted by the enemy again.

That would be such a love story…knowing two people took time to pray for God’s word to heal their past hurts, to bring them closer to living a Christ – centered life.


Use me for your good works. Help me to be my best self and be closer to you. Be louder than the enemy as I wage war for my future.

Give me the strength to make these 30 day be merely the start of something absolutely mind – blowing. Give me the endurance to hang on through the hard days or minutes, knowing your plan is perfect and this is all a part of that plan.

Remind me when I am weak, Lord, that You have surrounded me with people who love me and want your perfect plan to be lived out for my life.

Lord, you know that I am hurting and confused right now. For You, and You alone Lord, will I suffer this ache with a grateful heart.





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