He Won Our Battle

Today a friend of mine was cured of a cancer that had taken a huge toll on his body. He won our battle.

When I talked to him and his wife during my last visit home we discussed side-effects and treatment options and how we choose what is the lesser of two evils. Only those who fight cancer intimately can understand the roller coaster of emotions when we make choices and have to live or die by these choices.

Dave was a fighter. He fought to the very end. When we talked a few months ago, his spirits were still high, even though he was physically hurting and emotionally drained. He understood me, I understood him. We were just so happy to be standing there, both exhausted and in pain…but we were both there.

“We got this.”

When I got word that he had died earlier today I screamed out, “You told me we got this…you told me…”

Then, I could hear God telling me that Dave didn’t lie. He has said we would beat this; Dave has won his battle. He will no longer have anymore treatments, trips to Winnipeg for doctors and hospital stays, no more pain, no more sickness, no more fear. He truly won.

It’s shocking how quickly even I could forget that what comes after our life here on earth is so much more amazing than anything we could ever imagine.

For as much as I talk about my own death and eternal life and how I believe that my kids will be okay with my death, here I was a crying, blubbering, snotty mess…the snot was just for you Dave.

When science and doctors cannot bring a cure into our fight with cancer, God can.

God can make a miracle happen, He can fast track a cure. He can also end our pain and suffering.

As a cancer patient, I’m glad I did not have the close friends I have now. Nobody had to be there while I was so sick I couldn’t hardly bring myself to breathe. I often told those who loved me that my treatments were much harder on them as I was too sick to understand just how sick I was.

Dave’s loved ones have been at his side through this entire fight. They have stood there helplessly doing all they can to bring him comfort, happiness, a sense of normalcy. I know for a fact that these things are what gave him the courage and the strength to fight on.

Now, he has been healed. As our hearts break for the man we will miss, we will also heal. it won’t be easy, it won’t be over night, and it definitely won’t be fun. We will heal though, because as hard as he fought to stay with us, his intention was to never take us with him.

Our hearts are broken, our tears flow. The stories will be endless and many of them less than appropriate for ‘delicate’ ears. Those memories did not die with our friend. Those times cannot be taken by death. They are ours to keep.


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