Humility has such a negative connotation. By definition it is a modest view of one’s own importance; humbleness.

Friends of mine are planning a benefit to help with the financial consequences of cancer. While insurance covers the medical aspect of cancer, it does not cover expenses such as gas, hotels, meals while traveling, parking/taxi/shuttles, vehicle maintenance, or make up for the lost time off work.

One of the friends was asking some hard questions the other day about what the money would be used for so she could prepare herself when approaching businesses for donations.

My first thought was simply life, we will use it to live; we will be able to run to the store and pick up dish soap without second guessing the $2.00 purchase…simple things most people don’t even think about. I explained that we have gone without so many things we consider luxuries that most people take for granted for so long that it’s hard to put it in to words. I prayed on it for some time.

I can get some long overdue maintenance done on my vehicle, catch up on past due bills as well as get a head a little to give us some wiggle room when I do return to work. I will buy myself new jeans, I own one pair and they likely should have been retired months ago. The boys will get new socks, underwear, and pants.I have two broken teeth that insurance will not pay to fix, I can get that done.The shoes I own have been pounded into ground and are little more than a means to keep my socks clean when I walk outside now.

It means we can go buy a new football to toss as we lost the one we had last year. It means we might be able to go camping for a weekend and bond. It means we can take time together and recover from the shock that has been over us for the last year and a half. It means I can purchase a fishing license.

Then the humilty sets it; these are not needs, they are wants. I have never been one to put my needs above others. Now is no differnt. To know that I have friends whom have known me for such a short period of time putting in time and great effort to make life a little more manageable for the next few months is humbling.

Knowing people are called to make living life with a little less stress possible is a huge blessing.

If I’ve said it once, I have said it a thousand times; I was blessed with Cancer. It is so humbling to have people step in and offer their time and resources on our behalf.

The relationships that have been cultivated through this battle run deep and pure. They are raw friendships; born in battle, grown in faith, and in place for a lifetime.

I cannot thank these friends enough, I cannot express the humbleness in any other way than to say thank you and to pay it forward when I am well.





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