Saturday Night

They boys just crawled into bed after a day spent loving each other up. One several occasions we took the opportunity to pray together and with other people.

We’ve had some good talks today and a ton of holding hands (something neither one has let me do for a long time).

I’m glad they are reaching to God for comfort. If we all reach for Him together, we will also be growing closer to each other. Each time we pray, I see them at peace. I see them okay with everything.

I am so thankful that we have spent the last three years sprinting towards God…I am often still at a loss for words at the grace and mercy we have been shown.

Tomorrow, they are coming to the airport to see me off. What they don’t know is that the pilot from Angel Flight Central called me last night and asked if I thought the boys would be interested in going on a short flight before we leave! WELL OHHHHH YAAAAAA they would.

What a wonderful opportunity for them! While we were out shopping today I received a text from the pilot saying he had some certificates to print off for the boys if they go on a flight with him and he needed their names.

…to be continued…


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