I’m preparing for surgery next week.

I fly out Sunday after church. I will be in the hospital up to a week then a week down there after discharge before coming home.

The boys come home today and my plan is to keep things as normal (our normal) but also fill their buckets super full and over flowing before Sunday.

Today I am making a list of the ‘must do’ things for the week. I have to do laundry, clean the apartment and prepare it for my homecoming. I will be fairly immobile after surgery for some time and want to have everything as I need it before I go. Being that it’s going to be two weeks post-op, I may be okay but I’d rather be ready and not need it than to need it set up and not have it ready when I return.

I think we have successfully killed all of our plants so there is no watering needed. We are stocked up on shampoo, body wash, lotion, and toothpaste…I’m just thinking out loud here wondering what we actually may need.

A friend got me some pj’s ( I have to have button up shirts due to my bandages and drains). She asked what color I wanted…I told her to surprise me!

As for packing, even though I will be gone for two weeks, I really won’t need much. I should be able to fit everything in to a duffle bag. The jeans I wear down there will be the last time I wear jeans for a few months. Then it’s sweat pants and pj bottoms! I expect most of my time to be spent resting in the week after discharge so besides eating and potty I expect to spend the majority of my time in the reclined position.

When I was down there last time I stopped at the Navy and Army Recruiting stations to drop off cupcakes and cookies as I do every trip and the one Sailor who has a son Carson’s age whom also plays hockey and I were talking about surgery and he said to make sure to let them know when I am there for surgery and they will pay me a visit after all I have done for them.

What I need this week from my prayer warriors afar and our friends and family close is prayers for a week of comfort. Surround the kids and I with love and peace.

My wish is for Kevin and Carson to be absolutely flooded with love; spoiled even.


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