I’m not searching for answers, for excuses, for reasons, or even for understanding. Right now I am searching for ways to help.

A dear friend has had a setback and I am searching for ways to lift her spirits, to lift her heart, to bring happiness and hope to her and her family.

My heart is breaking as we move forward on this path we call life as we know it. I am so blessed to have been welcomed into her life as family.

My worrying heart that I spoke of in my last post is calling me into action. I am feeling called to pull together all the prayer warriors that surround us and to pray for guidance as we serve her and each other.

We are not in this alone, we are one family fighting each others battles together.

Pray that we each can find our place in the chain of love…that we leave no job undone.

Thank you

Dear Lord, I don’t know Your plan, and I do not want nor need to know it. I need to know how You want to use me. How best can I serve my neighbor as myself.

I’m tired and weary, but You know that already. I ask not that you lighten my load, only that you surround me with the strength to carry it.



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