God’s Timing

God truly has perfect timing and does know what we need before we even ask for it.

As I had posted last week about needing money to go to three different towns for hockey and how that was answered.

Well, not only did mixing up when I thought my payday was mess up my gas budget, it also fell on needing to buy a phone card ($48/month). As I realized yesterday just before we were getting ready to leave town, I knew I needed to have the phone on. We stopped at Wal-Mart to get a phone card and I knew the gas I had would get us there and back (but barely).

As we were leaving Wal-Mart Carson says his tummy is feeling kinda icky. I told him it was because he didn’t eat enough breakfast and that he can eat one of the cinnamon buns Kevin and I were eating.

We head out on the highway and not five minutes later he asks me to pull over to puke. He proceeds to gag out the open door and I decide in my head that he is just faking and we take off again.

Barely up to highway speed and he asks if I have a bucket…

Here, use this bag.

Oh Mom, you better stop, it’s a big one.

I look at him in my review mirror and the kid is white as a sheet…can’t fake that! I pull over and jump out to open his door but he’s already tossed his cookies all over his jacket and backpack.

As he’s continuing to empty his stomach contents on the side of the road wearing nothing but a t-shirt I give him my jacket because it’s cold and windy. As I’m bent over a bent over kid people flew past us…not even slowing down.

We turn around and go home. Kevin gets excited, “We can make it to church now!” The look on Carson’s face was telling me pllleeeeaaaaaase nooooooo. I dropped Kevin off at the church, arranged for him to get a ride home and took my sick baby home and put him in a warm bath.

After his bath he was standing in the kitchen…and threw up again…this time in the garbage can. (woo hoo…no clean up for mom). He then cuddled on the couch and slept on me for the next two hours.

He had some food throughout the day and seemed to be doing alright. That was until he came and kissed me in my sleep (he does that sometimes) then said, “Mom, I just puked all over the bathroom floor.” It has been a long time since I cleaned up vomit at 4:30am. I didn’t miss it.

After I was finished he needed Mama cuddles in bed so I lay down with him…and the fever hit. So no, I’m laying with a child who likes to literally sleep on top of me…and he’s scorching…and I’m having hot flashes. The things I do for these kiddos!! LOL

Anyway, back to God’s timing. Yesterday I knew I had to choose between gas to get us to the hockey games, or pay for my phone. I was pretty sure that the tank of gas would get us there and back…well, mostly sure.

Even if it did, I had no extra money to fill what would then be an empty tank and I had to get the boys to school the next day plus out to the clinic for a doctor’s appointment Monday. There was no way I had enough gas for all that.

My paycheck was only for one day of work so along with the reduced amount of welfare I received, it would be barely enough to pay my rent. (Reduced because of my previous month’s earnings).

I’m tired of being so close to the edge of ruin. God provided, by not being able to go play hockey on Sunday. He always provides. I am forever thankful.

My next paycheck (March 15) will be for four days of work and it will cover my gas to get to Rochester and I will have to rely on God to provide for my stay after the hospital. I was going to travel down on the 14th, with appointments on the 15th and surgery on the 16th but now have decided to just leave early on the 15th as my appointment isn’t until 2:00 so I can save the extra night lodging.

I am so thankful and grateful for every penny provided for us. I need to learn to find comfort in the provision. I never want anybody to think  that their gift is not deeply appreciated. It truly is.

I’m going to cuddle with my starting to feel better boy.

Pray for provision.



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