I’m still processing the idea of postponing my surgery.

I am leaning more towards going through with it as scheduled. If I stop, just the idea of having to start again and get the momentum built up to be ready to go through with it is overwhelming.

The job that I am looking at taking will still be there in the fall. If I postpone the surgery until summer, there is a chance that I may not be healed enough to return to work in September.

If I do it now, I can be healed even if I have complications.

I can finish my chemo and not have to work it around my work schedule. I can have my ovaries removed whenever the heck I decide.

WE (all of us) can finish strong and be done with it. I won’t have to prepare the boys to go  back to the ‘sick’ life. We can get through this and then get on with our lives. We can finally move forward.

Dorothy will become a thing of the past. A memory, dare I say a fond one for the most part. For the lessons Dorothy has taught us, I will forever be thankful. I will also be thankful to kick her butt to the curb for once and for all.

My concerns are the same ones that I’ve had all along. When I type that out it sounds stupid because each of those concerns has been taken care of. Our bills have gotten paid. We have had money for gas, for incidentals, for hotels, for other things.

For those of you wanting to help out financially here are a few ideas:

  • Gas cards $30 fills my tank (preferably Holiday as they are all over the state so can be used on my trips)
  • Accommodation fund (it will cost roughly $300 for my stay in Rochester after surgery) You can pay directly to Nazarene Well House online and let them know it is for my stay, any excess can be put towards future stays as I will still need to travel regularly for the next two years
  • Laundry soap (liquid) Bounce (drier sheets) Downy Unstoppables (Kevin loves them)
  • Sjoberg’s cable (I don’t have cable, only internet)
  • City of TRF Utilities (even $5 helps here)
  • Verizon pre-paid service cards (Any amount)
  • Cash donations can be dropped off or mailed to the church office.
    • Epiphany Station
    • 415 Main Ave North
      Thief River Falls MN 56701

If you are wanting to help with your service:

  • Somebody to organize all the help
  • A travel buddy to Rochester who will remain in Rochester the day of my surgery. You are free to stay in Rochester or return to TRF once I am out of surgery.
  • A travel buddy to come get me after my post-op a week after my hospital discharge (Melora has placed dibs on this if she can work it out).
  • Texts/calls while I am in Rochester. They truly are uplifting.
  • Somebody to come over and check on me daily (this can be several people as it will likely be a couple times a day at first)
  • I might need somebody to help with my dressings (not sure yet)
  • House cleaning (heck you can start that now if you are so inclined 😉 I’m a terrible housekeeper.
  • Laundry
  • A friend has offered to pick the boys up from school everyday for the week they are supposed to be with me when I cannot drive if I can find somebody to get them to school in the morning in Middle River. (this will be for one week)
  • Meals
  • Rides to doctor appointments (locally).
  • LOVE on my boys…I know a few who are lining up already for this…and I am so thankful. It truly takes a village and we are one heck of an awesome village!!
    • Think Gokarts, minigolf, shopping, bike rides, library, fishing, movies…

So I guess that’s it…I’m doing it.

We have 27 days to get everything lined up. Pray for peace as I know God will provide. Let’s get this done so we can FINALLY celebrate the end of such a long road.



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