Blessed Again pt 1.

This week has been a blessed week and I need to share with you how it came to be so amazing for me and my health.

When I came to Rochester on Monday my plan was to drive down, have three appointments on Tuesday and then return home. When I checked in to the Nazarene Well House on Monday Linda (one of the hosts) said a storm was predicted for Tuesday starting around noon and she doubted I was going anywhere. I was disappointed and hopeful that I would be able to get out of town before the snow started.

On Tuesday, my three appointments turned in to six and I was not finished until after 4:00pm. I knew by noon I was not going anywhere though because when I walked out of my second appointment that morning the snow was already falling and I could hardly see across the street. I resigned myself to enjoy the rest of the day and went back to the house and spent the rest of the evening reading, writing, and in prayer about my situation.

Worry about nothing, pray for everything…that is what we are told in Philippians 4:6. I prayed to not worry about staying the extra day and to remember in my heart that the $30/nightly fee was worth not driving through the storm.

Wednesday morning I could hear God telling me to not go home. I was supposed to stay. I had no idea why, I just felt like I had to stay. I shared that with Linda and thankfully during the winter months they are not as busy so it was not going to be a problem.

Of course my brain at this point is going nuts thinking, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? YOU ARE GOING TO SPEND $90? YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE $90!” Well, I had $90 because I hadn’t paid my rent yet (I had told my landlord I would pay when I returned from Mayo thinking it would be Tuesday – he’s since been updated and is fine with it).

Wednesday morning there is a women’s prayer meeting here at the house and one other guest and I joined them. We prayed for about an hour about so many things. My heart was much lighter and I knew I was supposed to take care of myself for a day.

I went for a long walk, took treats to the Navy and Army Recruiting Center (as I do every time I come). Eric from the Navy office said to let them know when I’m here for surgery and that they would come visit me as I have done so much for them over the last year. He and I usually end up talking for as long as he has available. He also has a son in hockey so we talk hockey and kids and things of that nature. All the sailors and soldiers at both offices are always so thankful for my treats.

I am preparing to leave Rochester this morning. This is how my week of blessings began. I will write part two tomorrow.

Thank you all for following this journey with me. I’ve never been in it alone!




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