I am so thankful for the people in my life who show me mercy and grace and love and forgiveness and who hold my hand when I can’t stand.

This morning I woke up again not wanting to go home but knowing I could not even dream of affording another night here. I prayed about it, meditated on it and I just DID NOT want to head home today. I was supposed to stay still.

I thought of calling my pastor to ask if it was appropriate to ask if somebody would be willing and able to fund another night here. I was in the middle of writing to ask for prayers on the Facebook page for the women of our church when they lady who runs the house here came over and whispered that if I wanted to stay here for another night or two at no charge I was more than welcome.

I told her I was in the middle of asking for prayers and provision because I didn’t want to head back yet. We talked and prayed about God providing.

I spent time today walking around Rochester as it was a beautiful day outside. The woman and her son also staying here and I played cards after she cooked supper for us all. The only guests are she and her son and I. It really does feel like home when I am here.

Melody and Clark (the woman and her son) and I have become fast friends. She also has a nursing background and not a great past when it comes to relationships. What she does have is an incredible faith and spunk like I imagine people see from me. Her boy is so very sick and they are not sure what is wrong with him so they are here from North Carolina in hopes that the world renowned Mayo Clinic can find some answers and bring him some relief.

Again, God provides. I listened, I stayed, I am feeling such a sense of peace here. I am forever grateful for this time for renewal.

Tomorrow, Clark and Melody will be at the doctor for most of the day so I plan to continue working on my manuscript proposal. I have offered to drive them to their destinations as they have to take a taxi otherwise.


Thank you for the very clear messages you are sharing with me this week. Thank you for the opportunity to hear you in this quiet, peace filled place.

Thank you for the Nazarene Well House and they ministry they provide here. Thank you for the relationships built around these tables while we all search for medical answers and so much more.

Help us to all draw closer to you.

Grant wisdom to our medical teams. Grant rest to our weary bodies. Grant strength and endurance to those who hold us up when we can no longer stand.




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