Listening Ears

When trying to get my point across when my children were very young I encouraged them to use their listening ears. As a parent there is no greater frustration than having to repeat the same message 8000 times before somebody actually hears it. As a parent, I would repeat it to infinity if it was a message they needed to hear.

Today when I woke up I immediately heard God’s voice telling me to stay in Rochester one more day. At first I thought I was just being lazy not wanting to drive the nearly 400 miles to return home. When the statement in my head became a feeling deep in my heart, I knew it was not an internal message.

I sent out a mass text asking for prayers as I was making the decision, saying that I knew God wanted me to stay here, I just didn’t know why. My mom said it was to relax and learn patience. I prayed about it and talked to one of the other guests here about it.

I’m going to spend the afternoon organizing a proposal for my book and getting it ready to be sent out for consideration. I will remain in the public area of the house while I do this and see how God decides to use me this afternoon.

I’m thankful for my listening ears.

The struggle I had in my head was the financial aspect of staying another night. Yes, it only costs $30/night for the most homey accommodations I have ever had; that now adds up to $90. While my head argued with God, I heard Him say that I have been filled lately with pride and have tried to take back control from Him over my finances when I had previously given my health, my finances, and everything over to Him.

I am giving that control back. Me having control over my finances has only gotten me to where I am. God will always provide. I am encouraged to pray about everything, worry about nothing. I pray that God’s provisions be provided as I move into the next phase of cancer treatment which is reconstruction.

This is going to be a significant strain on my independence, my pride, my ego, my finances, my life. God knows and He wants me to show people how they can help. I will be working on being extremely forthcoming with the needs I have.

I can’t thank you enough for also joining me in prayer to see how you may be of assistance through this next stage.

Dear Lord,

I am so glad that You already know my needs. Help me to see the needs I have that others may fill. Open their hearts to hear You call them to serve during this most stressful of times.

Thank you for provision and resources and the abundance of love that surrounds us. Thank you for people who strive to be the church and to care for one another as they feel called to.



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