God is with us.

Of this I have no doubt. While teaching Sunday School last weekend, we talked about how God is always with us.

One example I gave of God being with us is how He uses other people in our lives. When we pray to God that we are sad, He might have a friend ask us to come over and play. If we tell Him we are scared, He might make sure our Mom or Dad gives us a big hug.

For these young kids (pre-k – first grade) it’s barely a seed of knowledge in the ways God uses His people. For the last two years I cannot even begin to imagine the number of people called to assist the boys and I.

I always pray with the boys and when those prayers are answered, I share that too. I show them that we aren’t waiting for financial provisions to fall from the sky; instead we get a call from the church saying a donation has been dropped off, we get a card in the mail that has a donation, a friend shows up and thrusts money into my hand, hugs me, says hi to the boys, and leaves, a gift card shows up for them in the mail.

We don’t expect the cancer to just up and leave our lives; we hear that the chemo worked, that surgery was successful, that things are going as well as they could be.

We know the fight is not over, we know there is a long road of surgeries and recovery ahead. We also know God will be with us, He will take care of us again and again.

These are all examples of God being with us throughout our lives. Not just this last year with cancer, but through all of it.

Through the doctors telling us that we would be losing yet another pregnancy in June of 2007…we prayed. We prayed that when God decided it was time to take that baby home, all the baby would know was love…that baby just turned 8. That baby…with a prognosis for survival of zero…plays hockey and is in the second grade. That child, lights up our family every day.

We used to keep a prayer chain (like the paper chains you used to make in elementary school). I recently took it down and was reading some of the prayers. The first one that caught my eye was, “Please get my Green Card in time for the funeral.”

My Grandpa Wasyliw was dying and I could not cross the border until my new green card showed up and we had been waiting over a year at this point. My new card showed up on a Tuesday, my grandpa passed away two days later. Thankfully I had spoken to him on the phone a couple weeks earlier. I told him I loved him. He told me he loved me too. I cried so hard; knowing it was my final goodbye and not sure if I would be able to be with family as we laid him to rest.

I asked God recently for financial provision as I head back to work. As an on-call sub I never know when my next day of work will be. I also need to make sure I do not overdo it. I have been asking lately for discernment to make sure I do not work too many days while still being able to provide Christmas and birthday gifts for the boys.

Last week while I was at work, they booked me for two days this week. With driving the boys back and forth to school, (450 miles/week), hockey, and bills still piling up I prayed that God would help me not only be careful about which work assignments to accept, but to continue to provide for us.

My medical-brain understands that I am not ready to go back to work full time. My mom-brain wants to be able to provide more than the absolute basic of basics for the boys…just once…

Before I got sick, we had plans to start traveling to all the states, a few each summer. Now, I can’t even fulfill our annual Minneapolis trip. (Since Carson was a baby, the kids and I had taken a 4 – 5 day trip to Minneapolis at least once a year. The divorce, and then cancer took that luxury from us.

I know God is teaching us lessons the only way we could learn them. I am thankful for all He has provided. I am so humbled that He never leaves us. Me and my family, we will continue to praise Him, continue to spread the Word. We will continue to feel so amazingly blessed beyond all understanding.


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